Vertical Blinds

Our vertical blinds will add an element of sophistication to your home

As the name suggests, vertical blinds are window coverings that hang vertically instead of horizontally. These blinds can be made from various materials such as PVC, fabric, wood or metal, and they are available in a wide range of colours. Vertical blinds glide from side to side, rather than being pulled upwards.


The idea for vertical blinds was originally produced in 1950 by two brothers from Kansas City, named Edward and Frederick Bopp. The brothers patented the design of a vertical blind in 1960, and to this day, this style of blind is very popular for both domestic and business use.




These blinds are very easy to take care of, as they do not collect dust as easily as horizontal blinds. They are also easier and faster to operate than horizontal blinds. It is recommended to use this style of blind alongside sliding doors or large windows, as it may become impractical to use with small windows.


Vertical blinds are perfect for using in offices to cover large windows and sliding doors. These blinds also have the added advantage of having a very formal look, when choosing a neutral colour. These blinds are also very popular for use in residential homes, as they add a certain classic, appeal to a room.


BILLYPHILLIPS is known for supplying quality vertical blinds in the Paarl area and surrounds. We can confidently say that we supply only the very best blinds to our customers. If you are interested in finding out more about our blinds, contact us for a free quote with no obligations.