Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds will add a traditional look and feel to your home

Roller blinds consist of large sheets of fabric (usually solid) that can be rolled upward or downward with the use of a spring or manual mechanism. There is usually a pull-tab attached to the bottom end of the blind, which enables the user to roll it upward or downward without touching the fabric.


The first mention of roller blinds was in the early 1700’s in a patent that was filed in Scotland by James Louis Robertson. The first time that roller blinds were made, they were manufactured using linen brought from the distant region of Holland. It can therefore be said that these blinds were the result of an ingenious collaboration between two European countries. In fact, the original and initial models of these blinds were called Scotch Holland blinds.




It was, however, the Americans who incorporated a spring mechanism into these blinds in 1864. This was the result of innovation by a company named The Stewart Hartshorn Company. They had been manufacturing springless blinds for many years before they introduced the spring mechanism. It is thanks to the ingenuity of The Stewart Hartshorn Company that roller blinds are so easy to operate these days!


Today, roller blinds are certainly a favourite. This is mainly because, aside from its practicality, it is very fashionable and can complement the interior of any home. Roller blinds can be used to create complete darkness in a room, when needed, by blocking out the harsh South African sun. These blinds are also very versatile, since it can be made from a variety of materials, including fabric and bamboo. 


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