With our wood and aluminium shutters, to name a few, you’ll easily achieve a timeless style in your home

For centuries, window shutters (especially wood shutters) have been used as a favourable form of window covering, assisting homeowners in protecting themselves while also securing their homes. Although window shutters have evolved somewhat throughout the years, the basic design has stayed consistent. Investing in window shutters will lend a timeless, classic look and feel to your home.  


Technically speaking, a window shutter offers of a complete window cover that consists of a sturdy frame that houses solid panels made of wood, aluminium, PVC, or other materials. These panels are positioned horizontally, opening at an angle that allow users to regulate the amount of light that enters a room. Window shutters are perfect for keeping the elements at bay during any season. 




Window shutters have a surprisingly rich history and have been used since the reign of King Henry VIII, some 500 years ago. During this era, window shutters were used more for its practicality than its aesthetic appeal. Since glass was an extremely expensive commodity, many people could only afford to install glass into the top half of their windows, therefore installing shutters in the bottom half of their windows. In doing this, they could save money whilst still enjoying the benefits of glass windows. The shutters installed into the bottom half of the windows also enabled homeowners to have ventilation in their homes, even during rainy weather as the angled panels of shutters can deflect rain.


In the modern day and age, shutters are not only popular because of its practicality, but also for its quaint yet stylish appeal. Nowadays, shutters are still used to keep the elements at bay, by regulating the amount of daylight and ventilation allowed into a room. Both interior and exterior shutters are popular options for their practical and aesthetic appeal.


At BILLYPHILLIPS, we provide a wide range of window shutters, including wood shutters, aluminium shutters and PVC shutters. Our shutters are made from the finest quality materials, ensuring its sturdiness and durability, while at the same showing off an elegant and stylish appearance.


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