Beautiful pergola awnings from of various designs and colours

A pergola is an elegant garden feature that provides a shaded area. Pergola awnings usually extends from a building and are supported by vertical posts. These structures are supported by cross-beams, and many have an open lattice. Some people also use pergolas to train woody vines upon, creating a beautifully elegant and practical garden feature.


Pergolas have an extensive history, with the very first records of pergolas dating back to ancient Egyptian times (1400 BC). The term pergola was first used in the 1640’s during the late medieval period. It was during the Great Italian Renaissance in the 17th century, however, that pergolas became particularly fashionable. During this time, pergolas were used as much for their functionality as for their beauty. During this time pergolas typically featured impressively large stone pillars.  


Today, the use of stone pergola pillars have been replaced by materials such as wood and vinyl. Looking back at its rich history, and considering that they are still used today, pergolas have certainly stood the test of time. Although the style and materials used to build pergolas may have changed, their functionality has remained the same over thousands of years. 



Pergolas, and especially pergola awnings, can add a real feel of luxury and sophistication to any outdoor home-area. It is the perfect solution to creating a naturally beautiful, shaded area in your garden.


The pergola awnings supplied by BILLYPHILLIPS come in a variety of styles, allowing our customers to choose the perfect pergola to suit the personalised style of their home. For more details about our products, feel free to contact us to get a free, no obligation quote.