Indoor blinds

Indoor Window blinds of an unbeatable standard

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a home without some form of indoor window blinds. In fact, it’s nearly impossible! For thousands of years, blinds have been an integral part of people’s lives, since it provides comfort and privacy in their homes.


Indoor blinds’ main function is to serve as a window covering, with its second function being decorative. Blinds come in an extremely wide range of styles, including Venetian blinds, Roman blinds and roller blinds, to name but a few. It is perhaps the sheer simplicity of window blinds that have led it to become one of the most popular and timeless window covering options.


During ancient Egyptian times, people strung reeds together, constructing some of the first blinds in recorded history. In ancient China, people used the bamboo that they had at their disposal to make their blinds. It was, however, the Persians who introduced Venetian blinds as we know them today. After its introduction in Venice, the popularity of these blinds grew tremendously, it quickly became one of the most popular blind styles. It was not until 1841 that horizontal blind was introduced by a man named John Hampson, from New Orleans. 




It is not difficult to understand why blinds have been a part of human civilisation for so many years. Indoor blinds provide effective protection from sunlight, while at the same time granting homeowners a certain amount of privacy in their homes.


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