Indoor décor solutions for various home styles

Since our team at BILLYPHILLIPS appreciate all things aesthetically pleasing, especially when it comes to the interior design aspects of your home, we have decided to assist our customers in choosing various décor items. Our décor product range represents the same superior quality and elegant style that shines through in all our flooring and window covering options.


The importance of a pleasing interior in your home is sometimes underestimated. If everything is correctly designed and placed, you will be able to enjoy a lot more movability and convenience. Taking the extra time to decorate and arrange the interior of your home, will result in continuous satisfaction.


Once the flooring and blinds in your home has been revamped, it is time to consider the smaller details. Adding that extra touch in decorative detail will make an enormous difference to the interior design of your home.




There is nothing that creates an atmosphere of cosiness and warmness like having some throws and blankets as part of your interior decorating items. Putting a throw over your bed immediately makes the room feel more welcoming. Adding candles along with the blankets will result in more colour variations, making the room especially pleasing.


Rugs have many benefits apart from being a great way to decorate a room. It adds a feeling of warmth to any room and will keep your feet from freezing on the tiles during those cold, winter months. 


Our BILLYPHILLIPS products will complement the elegant look of your home. Customers are invited to view our selections of exquisite linen, throws and blankets, candles and rugs.

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