A customised outdoor canopy will be the most functional decoration at your home

A canopy can be defined as an overhead structure (or roof) made from different fabrics or metal. These structures are often used for their aesthetic appeal, while also providing effective shelter from elements such as harsh sunlight and rain. Canopies are quite similar to awnings; however, canopies often have additional pillars or columns that allow them to extend further from a building than an awning.


The word canopy stems from the ancient Greek word konópeion, which means “cover to keep insects off”. The origin of this word therefore explains the first use of canopies in the ancient world. In later years, canopies came to symbolise a divine or royal presence, with this association likely stemming from the fact that canopies were often used by the Achaemenian kings of Persia. Preserving this tradition symbolising a divine presence, canopies were commonly used in churches during the Middle Ages.


Canopies have evolved a lot throughout history, with their use now being more focused on aesthetic appeal, rather than functionality. The purpose of canopies as we know them today dates to 1910, where they were typically attached to apartment buildings in New York. 



Canopies are often used as a decorative feature for hotel, shop and restaurant entrances. We suggest that a canopy can certainly be used for residential purposes as well. Whether used for residential or commercial purposes, canopies add an appealing and charming look and feel to any building.


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