Bamboo blinds

Our bamboo blinds will add a rustic appeal to your home

Woven Bamboo blinds have become increasingly trendy throughout the years. This comes as no surprise when taking into account that these blinds are aesthetically pleasing in a rustic fashion, they are low maintenance and also quite affordable. 


Bamboo blinds are very versatile as they can easily complement most décor styles, from classic to contemporary. Blinds made from bamboo are tough, flexible and lightweight. They also come in various styles and shades. In fact, bamboo is the strongest woody plant in the whole world!




These blinds can roll upwards to let in maximum light. When left down, bamboo blinds are very effective in deterring heat by providing shade and ultimately it also provides privacy. Blinds made from bamboo are typically crafted by tying together smaller pieces of bamboo, it can also be made from wider pieces of bamboo (resembling traditional wooden blinds).


Although the origin of bamboo blinds cannot be exactly determined, it is believed to have originated in Japan during the Heian Period (8th to 12 centuries AD). These blinds are still popular in Japan today, where they can often be seen in Japanese temples, shrines and homes.  


BILLYPHILLIPS’ bamboo blinds are perfect for customers who want both the functional and aesthetic appeal of wood, without paying an arm and a leg. Our blinds will add a natural, warm feeling to any room. We also offer Bamboo Venetian blinds. This is an extremely product since it can be used anywhere in your home, including the bathroom, due to its capability to cope in environments where steam is produced. 


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