Retractable awnings will lend an appealing look to your home, whilst also being extremely functional

Awnings are one of the most attractive and most practical outdoor options for covering available on the market today. It is exactly these attributes that have made awnings very popular amongst homeowners and business owners alike, for many years now.  


Awnings can be defined as a secondary form of covering that is attached to the outside of a building. Awnings can be fixed or retractable, however, retractable awnings have gained significant popularity due to its practicality and movability. Homeowners often install awnings above their doors or windows, while some shop owners like to install them above their display windows. 




People in ancient Egyptian and Syrian civilisations were the first to use awnings, which typically consisted of woven mats fixed to wooden frames. These were mainly used to provide shade to homes and market stalls. In ancient Roman times, some of the most significant and recognisable awnings in the world were the velarium awnings, used to shade the Roman Colosseum. These awnings were made of a wooden frame that was covered in linen shade-cloths. This was used to shade up to one third of the entire Colosseum's seating area (the other third being shaded by the surrounding walls).


Nowadays, awnings are used as much for their practicality as for its stylish appeal. While fixed awnings are very effective in providing shade, retractable awnings have gained more popularity since it allows users to control the amount of shade the awnings provide. Aside from its practical appeal, awnings will lend an element of traditional style to a home or shopfront.


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